Three Easy Ways to Banish the Holiday Bloat…and Fast

Three Easy Ways to Banish the Holiday Bloat…and Fast

With the holidays
right around the corner, this time of year is full of dishes that are loaded
with carbs, sugar and fat. While we all indulge just a little more than normal
from the end of November through December, there are some bloat-banishing
tactics you can instill to make sure the effects of a good meal don’t stick
around for long.

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Drink enough water.

According to
certified holistic health coach and cofounder of Raw Generation Jessica Rosen, one
of the best ways to get rid of any lingering post-food indulgence bloating is
by drinking enough water. “Hydration
is pivotal and helps dilute any impurities remaining in your stomach. Water helps
your body flush out everything that is making you puffy and bloated,” says

Consume spices.

Upping your
intake of spices, like ginger and cayenne, can help big time. “Ginger helps to
eliminate intestinal gas and also relaxes the intestinal tract. Cayenne
promotes healthy digestion and effectively reduces indigestion,” says Rosen. “A
simple recipe to reduce bloating is to mix coconut water with fresh lemon
juice, cayenne pepper and ginger.”

Lay off the dairy.

If you know
you’re not going to be eating all that lean and clean, one food Rosen says to
try and avoid is dairy. “Cutting it out of your diet for just one week can
improve your digestion and lessen bloating after meals.”

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