Vanessa Hudgens on Festival Beauty, a Balanced Exercise Routine and Her New Cosmetics Launch

Vanessa Hudgens on Festival Beauty, a Balanced Exercise Routine and Her New Cosmetics Launch

the queen of Coachella, Vanessa Hudgens knows a thing or two about festival makeup. In fact, she’s so well known for her stellar summer looks that
Hudgens even landed a festival-themed collaboration with the
cosmetics brand, SinfulColors, complete with 12 nail shades and an eyeshadow palette.

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Hudgens claims she does her own makeup for festivals, we decided to ask her for her best
tips this season, and surprisingly, her favorite tip has nothing to do with
facial makeup. “I’m loving ombré nails right now for festival season—they’re
so easy to do!” Hudgens says. “There are so many amazing colors in the [SinfulColors] collection that look so great together. To create this look, I do a base coat of
one color, then I take a little makeup sponge and paint the second color
on the top portion of the nail.”

it comes to keeping her body Coachella-ready, Hudgens says she prefers a more robust
exercise routine as opposed to a strict diet. “My recipe of exercise that works for me is spinning, yoga and Pilates,” Hudgens explains. “Yoga for my sanity, Pilates
to lengthen and tone and spinning for cardio.”

Even though Hudgens prefers working out over dieting, she still watches what
she eats—especially before photoshoots. “I have a body type that can put on
weight very easily, so I do watch what I eat to a certain extent,” she says. “[Before
photoshoots] I try to stick to no carbs but it’s also important to allow yourself
some indulgences—I love ramen, pizza and pasta and I let myself have it
because you only live once.” Preach, Vanessa, we couldn’t agree with you more.

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