What complications can occur following a tummy tuck?

What complications can occur following a tummy tuck?

Mr Adrian Richards discusses the possible complications that can occur from having a tummy tuck.

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Transcript – What are the potential complications following a tummy tuck procedure? Well it’s just important to realise that tummy tuck procedure is a surgical procedure and any surgery can involve some types of complications. Generally as doctors we divide complications into complications of any type of surgery and complications related to that procedure itself. So the complications of anaesthesia can involve chest infections and issues such as that. We use very very experienced consultant anaesthetists and we’ve never had a significant medical problem following an anaesthetic procedure. The possible complications relating to a tummy tuck are listed and discussed extensively in our tummy tuck information CD and it’s really important to understand with any procedure the risks associated with it and so I would encourage you if you are considering a tummy tuck to listen to our information CD and we’d be happy to send you one if you contact our office. So just to say your safety is the most important thing for us and we need you to understand risks associated with surgery and take every effort to minimise the risks for you.


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