What Is The Maximum Weight To Get Liposuction? (OR FAT TRANSFER)

What Is The Maximum Weight To Get Liposuction? (OR FAT TRANSFER)

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Host: After all the wintry weather and the record cold we’ve had this month are you ready for the spring but not ready for the shorts the tank tops and the sleeveless dresses that makes me cringe just a little bit Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Medical is here to help you spring into the shape that you want even one or two dress sizes smaller good morning.

Dr. J: Good morning.

Host: I’m embracing the long sleeves as long as I can, but you can actually help us with one to two dress sizes how?

Dr. J: Well weight loss can help a one to two dress sizes though for a diet that that’s really asking quite a bit and the prompt diet says you cant choose where you lose so really if someone is really interested in potentially losing a dress size or two before spring liposuction is going to be their best choice we can selectively remove it and we can remove it quickly so it’s gonna be the way to go if you’re at if that’s goal.

Host: Who would you say would be a good candidate for liposuction somebody that just wants to lose the interest.

Dr. J: Well what we’ve always thought of as being a good liposuction candidate was someone that was in their ideal weight range but really just had a bulge here or something they didn’t like there or maybe even went a little bit of sculpting and those folks are still great candidates and they get really awesome results and adding the smart lipo which helps tighten the skin afterwards has really enhanced the results but newer techniques have made really open liposuction to larger patients as well and they can get some great results.

Host: On that if you’re maybe outside of your ideal weight and kind of in that range how ell do they do with liposuction larger patient?

Dr. J: Larger patients really with modern with modern techniques do really nicely and we can see those people really can get a reduction of one or two dress sizes after liposuction and the other advantage is a lot of these folks have been told they really need a tummy tuck and they do well with the tummy tuck but they don’t want to go through the scar they don’t want to go through the recovery of it and in their clothes a lot of these folks can wear the same clothes after liposuction as a tummy tuck and look very similar in their clothing after liposuction which is what they would in a tummy tuck so for those that are really saying you know I don’t want to go that far the liposuction a nice alternative.

Host: There’s another scenario how about somebody at home who might like the way their shape looks or their size, but they don’t look like the way they look maybe in a bathing suit there’s a specific area they just want to stop flapping a little more little to lose.

Dr. J: That baby bought the baby belly or flapping arms and for those Thermage uses a really nice technique because it can really help tighten that laxity that looseness and restore a youthful looking stomach but the other nice thing about thermage is we frequency see a reduction in the waist of one to two inches after Thermage and that’s pretty much immediate and it’s non-invasive and it can translate into a dress size so even some for some women the right people the way of reduction in one dress size can happen without surgery and with no recovery.

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