Whole-Hand Swatches Seem to Be The Next Big Instagram Trend

Whole-Hand Swatches Seem to Be The Next Big Instagram Trend

If you follow any beauty
accounts on Instagram, you’ve probably seen more than your fair share of makeup
swatches. From lipsticks and eye shadows to highlighters, people love showing off how
different shades look on different skin tones by gliding them onto the forearm
in clean, crisp strips.

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Now two indie beauty brands,
Dawn Eyes Cosmetics and Chaos Cosmetics, are starting a new swatch trend.
Instead of putting makeup on the forearm, the brands are showing off the
pigments and glimmer of their products on the entire palm of the hand. Yes,
they’re covering the whole palm of a hand in bold, bright pigments. And we have
to say, it’s very impressive.

Dawn Eyes Cosmetics has a
multi-chrome shadow collection called Premiums that change colors depending on
how the light hits them. As gorgeous as this looked when swatched horizontally
along the arm, its color-changing abilities really stood out when the brand
Instagrammed the shade, Mystically, swatched onto an entire palm. As the hand moves just slight, you see the intense pigment turn from blue to teal, and then purple.

Chaos Cosmetics also showed
off a new holographic makeup launch that hasn’t been revealed as an eye shadow
or highlighter yet. No matter what it was, their Instagram looked magical as they showed off a whole hand cover in the product. Again, as it slowly moved, the spectrum of colors this one shade can create was revealed.

NewBeauty’s editor in chief, Emily Dougherty, has always been a fan of a palm over forearm swatch. She
consistently shows what different lipstick shades look like out of the package
on the front of her hand. When asked in a comment why she chooses to do it this
way, she replied, “Good question! Hands
seem easier than arms, etc, and with palms versus back of the hand, you can see
how the texture of the lipsticks work with the texture/creases of skin.”

Swatches 😍 Right: @katvondbeauty Razzle Middle: @tomford Lena Left: our mix 😍

A post shared by Emily Dougherty (@emilydougherty) on Feb 13, 2018 at 6:32am PST

From what we’ve seen, this
whole-hand swatch thing has proven nothing but impressive for pigmented and
shimmery products. We wouldn’t be surprised if this became the next big Instagram


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